What is mooncake

A mooncake (月餅) is a traditional Chinese treat designed to be shared between friends and whānau during times of celebration. Similarly, MOONCAKE develops and delivers film and TV that exists for a particular purpose and aims to carve out a special place inside the hearts of viewers. Driven by Becky Kuek's strong creative vision and ethos, Mooncake's stories are honest, hopeful and empowering, proudly portray characters through a feminine and Asian lens, and are designed to be loved by both Kiwi and global audiences.

who is becky
Becky Kuek (郭金玫) is the creator of Mooncake, and a multi-genre Writer, Director, Producer and Actor with a strength for crafting stories powered by a meaningful message. After 10 years working as an actor while quietly eyeing the Writer-Director role, Becky produced, wrote and directed the hit Kiwi animated series, TALES OF NAI NAI. Becky is currently working on a number of TV and film projects across live-action and animation, serving on the Board of the NZ Writers Guild, and moonlighting as an actor from time to time (IMDb).


Currently in the works is LONG X XIA, a live-action scripted comedy series funded by NZ On Air in collaboration with Screen Australia and TikTok. Directed by Becky and co-written with Gwen Lin, Long x Xia launches exclusively on TikTok in October 2022.

ver in 2D land, Becky is co-producing the zesty mixed media docuseries DATING WHILE ASIAN from Director Maggie Shui, funded by NZ On Air and launching on Re in late 2022.


On the development slate is a diverse collection of live-action TV and film projects, including the 6x22 high stakes action-comedy series SOUL HEIST, funded for early development by PASC.

After receiving the NZFC Gender Scholarship, Becky has been developing a number of original projects as Writer/Director including LONG HAUL, a wistful short film about wanderlust, and I AM NOT YOUR MOTHER, a comedy series about a girl squad road trip gone wrong.

TALES OF NAI NAI was made with an abundance of love for pan-Asian tamariki. The series is magical, energetic and wholesome, and aims to teach our young audience that Asian characters, cultures, languages and lands are worth loving wholeheartedly.

Tales of Nai Nai was directed, co-written and produced by Becky, and features a cast and crew packed with Kiwi-Asian talent.
Funded by NZ On Air, animated by Mukpuddy, with producing support from Hweiling Ow, Tales of Nai Nai was made possible thanks to the Pan-Asian Screen Collective. Stream Seasons 1 and 2 on TVNZ OnDemand, or get in touch for a private link.