What is mooncake

A mooncake (月餅) is a traditional Chinese treat designed to be shared between friends and whānau during times of celebration. Similarly, MOONCAKE develops and delivers film and TV that exists for a particular purpose and aims to carve out a special place inside the hearts of viewers. Driven by Becky Kuek's strong creative vision and ethos, Mooncake's stories are honest, hopeful and empowering, proudly portray characters through a feminine and Asian lens, and are designed to be loved by both Kiwi and global audiences.

who is becky
Becky Kuek (郭金玫) is the creator of Mooncake, and a multi-genre Writer, Director, Producer and Actor with a strength for crafting stories powered by a meaningful message. After 10 years working as an actor while quietly eyeing the Writer-Director role, Becky produced, wrote and directed the hit Kiwi animated series, TALES OF NAI NAI. Becky is currently working on a number of TV and film projects across live-action and animation, serving on the Board of the NZ Writers Guild, and moonlighting as an actor from time to time (IMDb).